weaponsZen Do Kai provides specialised weapons classes.

These classes are run under strict supervision and are only available to brown belts and above.

We do Kendo sparring as well as Kali sticks. These classes are available to all coloured belts and all armour is provided.

Our sword work consists of Iaido (drawing the sword and kata work) as well as tameshigiri (test cutting).

Other weapons include Sai, Nunchaku, Karma as well as encompassing Fillipino and Chinese weapons.


BJC swordsmanship

Sword classes have been running since early this year. Kyoshi Jim Friis and Dai Sensei Tony Nunn run the class which works on the transition from Boken to Sword. The class will explore the traditional strikes and develop into partner drills and tamashaguri. Students also delve into the customs and history around Japanese swords.

Classes run on Tuesday nights at the Withcott dojo from 7.30-8.30pm, and classes are open to the public.