Dojo Etiquette -Zen Do kai Students Handbook


1. Dojo means 'a sacred place' and must be treated as such

2. Do not wear shoes on the dojo floor

3. No drugs, cigarettes or alcohol in the dojo

4. Do not enter the class late or leave early without ackowledgement from the highest rank

5. Always train with the "true" attitude of bushido

6. Students must be clean in body and appearance

7. Bow upon entering and leaving the dojo floor

8. Never walk in front of a senior without bowing.

9. Always address ranks by their titles

10. If a student needs to adjust their gi they must wait until the end of an activity/exercise

11. New black belts are encouraged to wear their black black for 24 hours after attaining it.



Respect and Traditions

 Everyone Works

Nothing is free

All start at the bottom