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The Kidz Karate club has been running since March 2011 and we are going strong. The class caters for students aged 3-11 years and specialises in modifying a traditional martial arts lesson into a class more suitable for younger children.

All instructors hold a current 'Working with children check' and at least one instructor present holds a current first aid certificate. Our head instructor also holds a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) qualification along with a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

Our Head Instructors:


Kyoshi Lisa McDonald -has been training for 17 years and has extensive experience in the Childcare Industry



Kyoshi Linda Frederiksen -has been training for 18 years and is a proud mother of two boys


Class generally consists of warm up, stretching, self defence grabs, skill games, kata and tecnique work. The benefits of training include;

-self defence

-discipline and focus (also seems to assist at school)

-self confidence

-improved muscle strength

-increased fitness and skill development

-opportunity to meet similar aged children


Our Club Patch


Our club name is Odyssey dojo, which as the name suggests means "An intellectual or spiritual quest". For children this will mean the journey they go on in their martial arts career both physically, mentally and spiritually. Children at this age absorb so much information, so this is the perfect time to introduce them to new things.

The gold lines on the patch also show the journey and it leads to a Japanese Cherry Blossom which is symbolic for 'Enlightenment'.

The red Japanese Kanji around the outside of the patch represent the seven codes of the Bushido, which in ancient times were the code by which the Samuari lived.

They are as follows;


1. GI - Right Action, Duty

gi right action bushido code Japanese calligraphy.

Gi is to do the right thing.




yuuki courage bushido code symbols Japanese calligraphy.


2. YUUKI - Courage

Yuuki means brave, courageous energy.





3. JIN - Benevolence

jin benevolence code of bushido Japanese calligraphy.

Jin is the benevolence that unites each human being to the other.




4. REI - Politeness or Morality

rei politeness morality bushido code kanji Japanese calligraphy.


Rei is politeness, respect shown in social behavior.



5. MAKOTO - Truthfulness

makoto truthfulness bushido seven virtues Japanese calligraphy.

Makoto means truth in word and action, to follow truly the Law of the Universe.

honor meiyo true bushido code Japanese calligraphy.

6. MEIYO - Honor

Meiyo is to enjoy a good reputation, honor.






loyalty chuugi 7 bushido kanji Japanese calligraphy.

7. CHUUGI - Loyalty

Chuugi is to act faithfully, to be loyal.


Hence put together the patch shows a true path to enlightment


Training Nights:

Tuesday and Fridays


5pm - 6pm

Contact details:

Kyoshi Lisa McDonald




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