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Welcome to Zen Do Kai Toowoomba West Dojo is now entering its third chapter since its inception in the early 1990's.

* Shibumi Samurari - under the late Kyoshi Steve Dickens.
* Pegasus Dojos - under Renshi Darryl Bartholdt.
* Now Mountain Warriors - under Shihan Tony Zancola.

Head Instructor:
Kyoshi Tony Zancola (Probationary 6th Dan Black Belt)

Kyoshi Tony has been training with Zen Do Kai since 1985, having started his training in Warwick under Kyoshi Steve Dickens in the Shibumi family under James Reid. He attained his 5th Dan Black Belt in 2012.


Renshi Kate Gatfield (4th Dan Black Belt)  

Dai Sempai Steven Ryan (2nd Dan)

Sempai Sherry Ryan (1st Dan)

Dai Sempai Steve Norris (2nd Dan)

Dai Sempai Libby Matuszczak (2nd Dan)

Dai Sempai Crystal Falknau (2nd Dan)

Sempai Wayne Palmer (Shodan Ho - Black Belt)

At Toowoomba West dojo, the training edict is towards "train hard, fight hard". Students are taught self-discipline and self-confidence, and respect for other students. Even so, the dojo is still family orientated and all members made to feel welcome, to train hard and have fun.

School aged students are mentored towards a healthier lifestyle, a positive attitude and most importantly respect for others - inside and outside the dojo.

Classes will vary to suit the rank or ability of the students. An average lesson will start with warm-up and stretching, fitness work, bag-work or sparring. Finishing with a stretch-down using kata or self-defence theory and techniques.

Brown belts and higher ranks are taught the use of wooden weapons like Bokken, Katana, Bo, Kali stick and more. Black belt and higher ranks are taught steel weapons, such as Katana.

All of our senior instructors hold a current Blue Card "Working with Children" certification.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us via phone, email or call into our training hall for a visit.

Training Nights:
Monday and Wednesday

6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

St Ursula's College, Rome Street, Qld, Toowoomba.

Contact Details:
Kyoshi Tony Zancola - M: 0420 656 102
Renshi Kate Gatfield - M: 0418 874 249

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