CENTRAL FORCE MUAY THAI - United Dojos, Toowoomba

Welcome to Central Force Muay Thai, Toowoomba.

Have fun and get fit in a family friendly atmosphere, while learning dynamic fighting skills.

St Paul's Lutheran Church Hall                                                                                                                   Corner Eton & Phillip Streets, Toowoomba.


Monday & Thursday - 5pm to 6pm
Wednesday              - 6pm to 7:30pm.

Training Information

BJC MUAY THAI is a high-energy workout that uses Muay Thai techniques to enhance the physical fitness of its participants and develop an understanding of both sport and self defence. Participants will be constantly performing exercises and techniques during a 60 minute session.

Each session incorporates a mix of shadow sparring, partner drills and pad work to enhance focus, timing, speed and power.

Training will cover the complete curriculum of BJC Muay Thai for those who want to train for fitness, self-defence, gradings or ring fighting.

Our instructors have over 60 years of combined martial arts experience and have helped many students achieve their individual goals. All senior instructors hold a current Blue Card "Working with Children" certification.



Head Instructors
Kru Ron Donnelly – 5th Degree

Other Club Instructors
Kru Karen Donnelly – 3rd Degree
Miranda Mitchell – Black singlet red logo


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changes in training 2014


No Training on the Following:


Wednesday 9th April

Wednesday 11th June

Thursday 12th June

Wednesday 9th July

Wednesday 13th August

Thursday 18th September

Monday 22rd September

Wednesday 8th October

Wednesday 3th December

 Last training for 2014 will be Thursday 18th December

First Training for 2015 will be Monday 5th January