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toowoombacentral01Welcome to Zen Do Kai Toowoomba Central, United Dojos.

Head Instructor:
Kyoshi Ron Donnelly – 8th Dan Black Belt

Kyoshi Ron is a 8th Dan Black Belt in Zen Do Kai Martial Arts and is a ranked 5th Degree and Kru title holder in Muay Thai Kickboxing. He is a registered instructor with Zen Do Kai and Muay Thai and is registered with the World Kickboxing Association (WKA).

Kyoshi Ron and Hanshi Jim Friis opened the Withcott Dojo - now Hombu - in 1990.

Sensei Karen Donnelly  3rd Dan Black Belt

Sensei Scott Benbow 3rd Dan Black Belt

The majority of our instructors are also ranked black singlets in Muay Thai.

toowoombacentral02A general class includes activities such as a warm up, cardio and strength work, bag work, partner drills, touch sparring, kata (forms) and stretching. We also incorporate grappling and (from Brown Belt) weapons training.

As well as learning self - defence and improved fitness in a friendly atmosphere, the benefits of training include:

• improved strength, co-ordination and flexibility
• increased self-confidence, discipline and self-control
• respect for self and others
• having fun!

We train students aged 6 years to adult and cater for all levels of fitness. We aim to help our students achieve their potential as martial artists, within a safe, enjoyable and family oriented environment. All our senior instructors hold a current "Working with Children" Blue Card.toowoombacentral03

St Paul's Lutheran Church Hall, Cnr Phillip and Eton Streets, Toowoomba

Training Nights:
Monday and Thursday

6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Contact Details:
Kyoshi Ron Donnelly - M: 0408 004 132
Sensei Karen Donnelly - M: 0427 378 460

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Changes in Training dates for 2014


No Training for Zen Do Kai on the following:

Thursday 12th June

Thursday 18th September

Monday 22nd September


No Training On Good Friday or Anzac Day

Last Training day will be Thursday 18th December

First Training day for 2015 will be Monday 5th January