Shugyo Dojo's - Murphy's Creek

The Murphy's Creek club under the leadership of Kyoshi Anthony Nunn has been running since August 2004 catering for students aged 5 to adult.

All instructors hold Current Working with Children Blue Cards and classes have at least one instructor on site with a first aid certificate.

We have a family friendly atmosphere with parents and children training along side each other.

A general class will consist of a warm up, stretching, bag work and cardio work, partner drills, touch sparring and kata.


Benefits of Training:
• Self Defence for male and females, adults and juniors
• Discipline
• Improved Fitness / Strength / Co-Ordination
• Self Confidence / Self Control / Self Understanding                               
• Team work
• Improved ability to talk / work in front of groups

As well as empty handed techniques, various weapons are trained for higher ranking students.

Our Black Belts are:

daisensei_tony   Kyoshi Anthony Nunn - Head Instructor Probationary 6th Dan

daisempai_camo   Sensei Camille Traynor 3rd Dan



Club Patch


Our club name Shugyo means 'determined training that fosters enlightenment'.

(Although while researching the club name we came across many interpretations of the Japanese term 'Shugyo' they all seemed to follow a similar theme. We chose the above definition because of its simplicity in describing the concepts associated with the term 'shugyo'.)

The seven circles on the patch represent the seven virtues of bushido (Gi - Right Action; Yuuki - Courage; Jin - Benevolence; Rei - Respect; Makoto - Honesty; Meiyo - Honour; Chuugi - Loyalty)

The outer circles, being black, represent a new black belt. As the circles move inwards the black fades to white - this is to reflect the fading of our black belts as our training progresses and knowledge increases.

The inner red circle represents the Japanese lineage of our martial arts system, as well as the final colour of our belt.


30/04/11 Congratulations to Sensei Camille on her graduation!

26/03/11 Our club was asked to put on a demo at the Murphy's Creek 'Road to Recovery' event. Thankyou to all students from other local clubs who assisted on the day. A great demo - well done! Here are some photos from the day:

dsc02479  dsc02491  dsc02501  dsc02511

dsc02520  dsc02538  dsc02549


01/02/11 As a result of the floods, we are currently unable to use Murphy's Creek hall for training. Training is now at the Murphy's Creek State School (training nights and times remain the same). This will be our venue until furter notice. We would like to thank the school for their support in allowing us to use their facilities.

01/02/11 We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy for all those who were affected by the floods earlier this year.


If you would like any further information please feel free to contact us via phone, email or visiting the dojo.

Training Nights:
Monday and Thursday

6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Contact Details:
Kyoshi Anthony Nunn
M: 0417 702 132

Click to email Kyoshi Anthony Nunn