Zen Do Kai History

Zen Do Kai is a system of martial arts designed over forty years ago. It was founded in 1970 when Bob Jones opened his first martial arts club in Elizabeth St., Melbourne.

Originally intended to cater for those who worked in the security industry, the demand and popularity of this style grew beyond expectation.

Zen Do Kai has never had a closed attitude, nor is it a closed system, we are an open system, and as such we have to be open to influences and ideas from all around the world. The best of everything in progression. This means using effective techniques from different styles and applying it our own self defense forms.

Using modern self defense principles with traditional values, we seek to improve the system, improve ourselves and to be aware of creating the opportunities for the individuals within our organisation to achieve their personal best. We are proud, not only of our system, but of the many thousands of students that have developed from it.

With schools across the whole of Australia and New Zealand, it is by far the largest Martial Arts organisation in Australasia, boasting nearly 1000 classes per week catering for all walks of life.


Information sourced from www.zendokai.com.au